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How do you attach the panels to roofs which have cement tiles?
Is there any height restrictions for panel installation.
Can a solar system be used to heat a hot tub?
Are electrical connections required for a solar heating system?
How many solar panels does an indoor pool need?
Why does Enersol manufacture a one foot wide panel and not a wider panel?
How does your Can solar panels be used with a spas?
Can I use a spa pump for a solar heating system?
What are the Enersol solar panels made of?
Is it difficult to repair or replace panels?
What pressure does the system operate at?
What connections are required for the solar system?
How much water should flow through the solar system?
What is the maximum temperature for the collectors?
What is required to install a solar system?
Can the panels from various manufacturers be used on the same system?
How long are Enersol panels?
Is it necessary for me to purchase an automatic controller?
If I only want to install one panel do I need a system kit?
How much do the panels weigh when they are full of water?
What size of pump do I need for a solar system?
What direction is best to face the panels?
Do the panels give heat on a cloudy day?
Can the solar system cool the pool?
I want to heat my house with solar heat. Can I use your panels to do so?
Can I lay the solar panels flat on the ground or do they have to go on the roof?
Can I install a solar system myself?
How many panels do I need to heat my pool?
Can these panels be used for heating my domestic hot water?
What is the maximum operating pressure for the system?
What is Solarprene?
How early can you use a solar system?
Is it difficult to install a solar system?
What is the maximum angle to install a solar panel?
How do I install a solar sytem on a tile roof?
Should I used ABS or PVC pipe to install my solar system?
How are the panels secured to an asphalt shingle type roof?
What power does the automatic solar controler require?
Can I mount the solar panels in a horizontal position on a platform next to my pool?
Can I cover your solar system with plastic?
I have a high pressure system. What is the maximum pressure for the solar system?
What are the solar panel headers made of?
Can I connect PVC to ABS?
Can solar panels be used to heat a hot tub and if so how many?
Can the solar panels be mounted on two seprate roofs?
Does the breaker for the solar controller need to be ground fault circuit interupter?
What are the end caps made of?


Attach pressure treated 2 x 4's to the roof tile with screws and anchors in 3 or 4 places on each 2 x 4 and then attach the headers of the panels to the 2 x 4s. In this way you avoid the large number of attachments for the headers to the tiles.



There are no height restrictions and many installations are on 2 1/2 story houses.



A solar system can be used to heat a hot tub. A small separate circulation pump is required. Temperatures on some roofs can exceed 180 degrees.



Electrical connection are not required for a solar heating system itself only if you are using and automatic controller.



Indoor pools typically take 100% coverage to heat. The reason being is that the calculations of solar coverage include sun on the pool. Also, indoor pools are always struggling with a humidity problem and constantly have to remove excess humidity which is removing any heat gains.



The reason is to preserve roof life. Condensation can damage a roof. By having a 1" space between the panels it helps increase air flow and disapates condsation and thus will reduce potential for roof damage.



Water flow and pressure are the keys to control when using solar panels for a spa or hot tub. The panels require low pressure (15 psi) and low flow. The panels will only heat during the sunlight hours and the spas are usually used at night so solar is only used to try to maintain temperatures. 1-2 panels will work.



Generally no, because the spa pump will produce to much pressure for the solar system. The maximum pressure for the solar system is 35 psi.



Enersol Solar Panels have extra wall thickness with a raised tube design. The panels are made of advanced Solarprene, which is the very best choice for outdoor material. It is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, ozone, as well as heat and cold. It is the same material used in the automotive industry where durability and flexibility are considered critical under extreme conditions.



Modular slip and - clip design makes it easy to add, alter or repair the system. Each component can be repaired or replaced easily, on site without the requirement of replacing a whole panel.



The pressure the system operates at is the same as the pressure of the filter.



The connections are 1 1/2". You could use ABS or PVC.



Normally the solar system should run at 8 - 10 gallons per minute.



The maximum temperature for the collectors is 150 degrees.



There is an online manual at



It is not advisable to mix and match panels because of system design.



Enersol panels are 10 feet long. They can be cut down with a sharp knife. It is better to order a custom size.



No, you can purchase a 3 - way valve instead of an automatic controller. You can install an automatic controller later.



Yes, as it contains materials needed such as end caps, clip tool, warranty card and a video for the installation.



They weigh 1.2 lbs per sq. ft.



A three quarter to one hp pump is sufficient. Once the water has been pumped up to the system the returning water reduces the water pressure that is required to operate the system.



The best direction to place the panels in order of preference is south, west or east but never north.



Some. The best way to describe the heat on a cloudy day is by comparing the way a car heats up on a cloudy day. The panels are black and do absorb some heat.



In areas where it is very hot in the summer and cool in the evening you can use the panels to cool your pool.



Our solar panels are designed for the heating of swimming pools. They do not have the capacity to store hot water.



The panels can be laid at any angle from flat to about 45 degrees. In fact the maker states that if you can walk on the roof without slipping you can install the panels on the roof. If you were to lay the panels flat on the ground you would have to protect them from damage by people, dogs, etc. and insulate them from the ground so that they did not lose some of their effectiveness.



There is an installation video that comes with the kit and a reasonably handy person would be able to install the system themselves or you could have a local handy person install it for you.



This depends on the months you want to heat your pool, the weather conditions where you live and the size of your pool. To calculate the amount of solar panels do the following: - Calculate the sq. feet of your pool. - Multiply the sq. feet of your pool by 50% to 60% (this gives you the square feet of panels required). - Divide the sq. feet of panel required by 40 and that tells you how many boxes are required (there are 40 sq. ft. in each box). - Add in a system kit. - Add in a 3 way valve or automatic controller. Note: You can use 50% coverage and add panels later if you want more heat. The panels are 40 sq. ft and come 1 panel to a box.



The panels can be used for domestic hot water systems using a glycol based, antifreeze mixture or potable water, but only in a closed loop, seperate low pressure circulating type system. In short, city water pressure is to high.



The maximum operating pressure for the system is 35 psi.



Solarprene is a special blend of EPDM rubber.



You can use a solar system as soon as the roof is warmer than the water in the pool.



Installations are easy for anyone who is handy. Do-it yourself installation videos are supplied with the system kit.



Panels should not exceed 45 degrees and need full direct sunlight. Under glass is good if exposed to the maximum hours of sun.



Attach 1 " x 6 " lumber to the roof top and bottom, then attach the headers to the lumber. T he headers, top and bottom MUST lay flat. The rubber can then conform to the wavy tiles.



ABS or PVC can be used to plumb your solar system.



Panels are secured to an asphalt roof with lag bolts and tar based sealant.



The automatic solar controller require requires 110V AC or 220 V AC to run a 24V DC motor.



Yes, but the platform should not be vertical. Think about sun tanning - the flatter the better.



You can cover the panels but not the headers.



The maximum pressure for the solar system is 35 psi.



They are made of a form of ABS.



Yes, there are several products that do this. You could try a brand of glue called weld on # 711.



One to two panels will pre heat a hot tub great but only when the sun is on the panels and the panels are warmer than the water. There are three things that must be considered. 1) a low pressure circulating pump should be used. 2) an automatic controller should be used. 3) and MOST IMPORTANT, a drain down system must insure that no water is left in the panels if the temp freezes at night.



Yes, it is quite common to mount solar panels on two seperate roofs.



All electrical components of a pool are subject to local electrical codes.



They are made of ABS?